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What Is Strategy?

In order to succeed, all business organizations must:

  1. Deliver greater value to customers;
  2. Create comparable value at a lower cost;
  3. Do both!

That seems rather obvious, right? But as simple as these concepts are on the surface, it's not so simple when this question arises: How?

That's where strategy comes in. You must have a clear, defined objective and unique strategy before you can even start executing a plan.

But how? With the application of the N4L® KPI system. So, before you learn about how to create a strategy-based plan and use the N4L® KPI system, let's first define what strategy actually is.

Strategy, in its most basic form, is a long-term plan designed to achieve a specific goal. It shows the direction the plan will take and how the end result will happen. One thing that's very important to remember: Once the basic, main strategy has been established, it should not be changed unless you engage in a new strategy development process.

You must develop strategies as action plans based on the comprehensive and approved main strategy. These can change according to whatever circumstances may arise. But you should not change the basic main strategy.

What are the N4L® KPIs?

Key Priorities Indicators (KPIs) are the organization's agreed monthly organizational priorities and performance parameters. They serve as the business's building blocks, and act as a "measuring" stick. KPIs tell us how we're doing: Are we achieving the action-plan goals we set last month? Are we not? What's working? What isn't?

Every aspect of the organization must focus on these KPIs in order to generate consistent growth, profit and value for all constituents. This is the information that produces such valuable feedback to management and the team about how well the plans are progressing. KPIs only work if they stem from a strategy-based plan, and the N4L® system delivers such guarantees.

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