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N4LŪ means Solutions Based on Strategy N4LŪ means Solutions Based on Strategy We are Strategy Experts
About Us

N4L® Strategy Consulting

N4L® is the largest web-based and paperless strategy consulting firm servicing small to medium-sized companies offering its services throughout the continental US, Europe, and Latin America. N4L® is a strategy, marketing, business, and executive coaching expert firm committed to developing strategy-based plans for executives and individual businesses. N4L® specializes in empowering CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs to become leaders in their industries. N4L's strategy and principle-based leadership planning systems achieve balance and long-lasting growth to its clients' companies as well as for their employees and also within their personal lives.

N4L® Expertise Is Strategy Applied for:

  • Business, marketing, executives, and entrepreneurs
  • Business & Marketing planning
  • Branding for small to medium business, including corporations and franchises
  • New concepts
  • Principle-based leadership training

What is N4L®? ~ A Strategy Consulting Firm

  • A Strategy consulting firm servicing small to medium-size business. Used by Fortune 500 companies, the N4L® strategic platform and tools work for companies of all sizes. N4L® helps bring your business success to the next level. N4L® has fused Sun Tzu's Art of War, and corporate America's strategic and marketing planning with principle-based executive coaching, bringing your potential for success to new levels.

  • N4L® delivers strategic-based solutions for business and life.

How Did N4L®-EC Begin? ~ Servicing Executives, Entrepreneurs & Large Corporations

  • N4L® was established in New York (1993) when a group of our executives began meeting in a roundtable-style on Monday mornings to review progress vs. plan as a way to improve their respective work.

  • The N4L® Founder created the company's proprietary methodology based on Sun Tzu's Art of War, Procter & Gamble's copy strategy model, and The 10 Laws of Success. This methodology became the focus of the Monday roundtables, giving the executives a blueprint for success in life as well as business.

  • N4L® specializes in working with senior executives, entrepreneurs, or CEOs who lead, start, promote, or expand business operations and wish to maximize the advantage of working with N4L® consultants. The company's marketing strategy, business planning, management, and principle-based leadership coaching helps N4L® clients become aware of internal behavior, and trains them to work under principle-based strategies. This empowers not only the client, but their constituents as well. Through the unique N4L® strategy-based coaching, executives develop the skills to excel in any environment.

  • N4L® strategic tools and professional practical advice rapidly generates quantifiable improvement and tangible results.

N4L® CEO, North America

Luis Mago, N4LŪ CEO, North America

Luis Mago advises, coaches, and trains professionals in the field of strategy applied to business, marketing, and branding. Mago's commitment is to coach CEOs, senior executives, and entrepreneurs to utilize strategy to increase the growth and profitability of their businesses as well as providing a structure that generates balance and success for their teams and personal lives. Mago has worked with diverse executives and multidisciplinary teams in the corporate and entrepreneurial world including IT, banking and credit cards, consumer and personal care products, restaurant & fast food franchises, advertising, branding, media, health care calling centers, aviation industries, pharmaceutical laboratories, manufacturing, mortgage, real estate, architecture, construction, promotion & events organizations to crisis management companies. With this varied background, Mago has become highly specialized in developing principle-based leaders that manage their firms by "winning without conflict." Mago coaches through the continuous applications of Sun Tzu's Art of War strategic principles. Mago is also an organizational strategist and business consultant to both medium size businesses and corporations, primarily in the areas of strategic planning, marketing strategy, branding, and executive coaching. Mago is the creator of the strategy system and KPI software at Network 4 Leaders® Strategy Consulting. Mago has presented to national and international audiences on strategic planning, principle based leadership, and branding, and is highly recommended and supported by Fortune 500 companies. Founder of The N4L® Strategy Consulting Group and a proven leader in the fields of strategy and strategic thinking, Mago has created professional success through empowering businesses and executives to become aware of their own potential through the application of the science of strategy.

"We have fused Corporate America's Strategic and Marketing planning know how with Executive Coaching on One-on One® basis"
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